Corruption at the highest levels is crippling the development of our country indeed even persons at the very top, part from speaking about it, do very little to reduce corruption because many of the persons guilty of corruption are the ones who help one party to win win over the other sometimes.

Our courts and justice system is weak to deal with corruption because the very laws drafted and enacted by our 63 parliamentarians are themselves weak. Indeed, a lawyer representing an accused former Minister of Education is using what he thinks is a loophole to free his client before his guilt is tested in the courts. The defence is not concerned about evidence that might comvict his client he is more concerned about whether the right persons arrested his client. And so he is using what sees as weaknessness in our legal system to get a likely guilty politician from spending time in prison for the misappropriation of taxpayers monies.

Indeed, the problem rest with the 63 persons representing our affairs in the parliament as evne the ones who happen to have some conscience are brow beaten to fall in line.

This is another reason why entities like EMERJ needs to have a constitution that does not allow for abuse of power within our organisation. Yes, we will have leaders but we are not into any cliques that will want to muzzle anyone from speaking thier minds. Yes, we will disgaree but majority counts




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